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Steamulation – The Exclusive Smoking Experience.

Steamulation – for your senses

Steamulation is the brand for hookah pleasure at the highest state. The brand name is composed of the terms “steam” and “stimulation” and stands for a matchless pleasure of smoking as well as the best flavour. With Steamulation a new generation of water pipes arises. Exclusive materials, a classy design and especially most modern technology set unequalled standards.

The noble and timeless design turns every Steamulation hookah into unique objets d’art. Furthermore, it already hints at the innovative features highlighting our brand. All the special features have been developed in the two leading countries for engineering – Germany and Switzerland.

Steamulation guarantees easiest handling and maximized comfort by the most innovative connection system: The SteamClick 360. All the applied technologies serve one single purpose: Maximal unfolding of the tobacco flavour and the greatest pleasure of smoking of all time! No matter which flavour you prefer – Steamulation brings out the best of it.

With a Steamulation hookah you can pleasure your friends or set a classy accent at a party. By featuring simplicity, elegance and impressing technology at the same time, you do not only own a hookah with a Steamulation – you issue a statement for your lifestyle!

Steamulation – The Exclusive Smoking Experience