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Steamulation Shisha worldwide – on a balcony high above the rooftops of Dubai, in a Catalan luxury hotel on the Costa Brava or aboard a yacht in the midst of the Caribbean Islands – Steamulation stands for unique smoking experiences all over the world. The channel Steamulation Experience presents once-in-a-lifetime impressions from the most remarkable places in which customers from all over the world enjoyed their personal Steamulation Moment.

Steamulation Experience


Steamulation hookahs bring out the best of every situation and every location. The decisive element of the hookahs is their unique design with regard to shaping and colouring. It differs significantly from the traditional hookah design having its origin in the oriental culture and continues the history of the Arabic “narghile” or “nargile”. Clear structures and proportions created in precision manufacturing define the outward appearance of our premium hookahs. The lustrous or flat-lustrous finish of the high-quality materials creates a shisha look that impresses already at first sight. The visually dominating, top-quality aluminium components used for our hookahs are carved out of solid blocks of aircraft aluminium. Besides the base station – the hookah’s centrepiece including the SteamClick 360 – that includes a click mechanism instead of a conventional thread connection, the hookah stem, the hookah dip tube and the mouthpiece of the hookah are made of aircraft aluminium in Germany. Thus, the excellent quality of each and every hookah is guaranteed – for an exceptionally long-lasting smoking experience with Steamulation shishas.

Steamulation Experience Quality

Smoking experience with the hookah

Nonetheless, it is not only a hookah’s design and quality that is crucial to smoking, it is also the feeling and the pleasure of smoking created by it. To maximize the smoking pleasure a hookah has to bring out the best of the shisha coal and the shisha tobacco. All Steamulation hookahs feature airflow-optimizing technologies such as the innovative valve technology which functions without an additional purge valve. The Steamulation valves, through which the smoke streams into the waterpipe’s vase, are integrated directly into the hookah’s base station. This results in an optimized airflow extracting the best taste and full flavour from each shisha head – regardless of whether you use a standard bowl or a chimney bowl. Simply use your preferred hookah coal and hookah tobacco. Whether you smoke your waterpipe with natural charcoal, bamboo charcoal, lemonwood charcoal, flavoured coals or coco coals, with classic Arabic tobacco, flavoured tobacco, tobacco substitutes or steam stones – Steamulation creates a perfect smoking pleasure for all senses.

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SteamClick 360 hookah system

Moreover, Steamulation provides various opportunities to personalize your smoking experience and to add the finishing touches to your hookah. Besides different exclusive hookah pipes, the Steamulation online shop offers a wide range of high-quality hookah accessories and hookah articles: Shisha mouthpieces, silicone hoses, hookah glass bowls and other useful accessories such as hookah hose adapters. These hookah hose adapters fit the hose connectors of your Steamulation hookah and can be used to attach further hookah hoses to your sheesha. Share your pipe and bowl with up to three other smokers at the same time and enjoy unparalleled smoking experiences. On your terrace in summer, at your birthday party or in a hookah lounge together with your friends, the Steamulation SteamClick hookah system including the 360°-rotation-function takes smoking in groups to a new level. Fill water into the base of your waterpipe, prepare your favourite tobacco bowl, place the hookah coals on top of the hookah bowl on the perforated aluminium foil and smoke your narguile together until late into the night – have your Steamulation Experience.


Glass stems

Since summer 2016 also glass stems for Steamulation hookahs are available in the Steamulation shisha shop. Every waterpipe stem is made of premium borosilicate glass and is hand-crafted in Germany. The Grand Diamond series features an integrated molasses catcher. The molasses catcher prevents molasses from running off into the hookah’s water base via the shaft – a problem every smoker knows. Thus, cleaning is facilitated and the nargile stem shines brilliantly at all times. Furthermore, as you can choose from a wide variety of colour accents, the Steamulation shisha shafts constitute a perfect option to individualize your waterpipe. Create your personal colour mix and make your Steamulation Experience transparent – with the Steamulation glass stems for hookahs.


The Steamulation Konus One mouthpiece and the Steamulation shisha diffusor contribute to the unique smoking experience with Steamulation hookahs as well. The innovative Konus One is, together with a silicone hose, part of the scope of delivery of every Steamulation waterpipe. The shisha diffusor is available as an optional add-on that distributes the smoke and thereby the hookah tobacco flavour even better within the water bowl of the pipe. Additionally, it subdues water sounds while smoking the waterpipe. Consequently, you can enjoy your preferred tobacco or tobacco mix to the full.

All mentioned hookah articles are compatible with all Steamulation hookahs and are available online in our shisha shop. If desired, we also manufacture customized hookah components to offer you the opportunity to design your individual waterpipe – for your personal Steamulation Experience.

Share your Steamulation hookah moments with us and the global hookah community! Send us pictures of your Steamulation hookah pipe – taken in places all around the world. With glowing charcoal under the starry night sky or with ascending smoke rings at the beach – shape the Steamulation Experience together with us.

Smoking hookah worldwide – the Steamulation Experience.